Friday, April 24, 2009

The Trumps

I was cleaning out my closet today (figuratively and actually) and i came across something i didnt even remember i still possessed. Something i used to be crazy about when i was a kid. Something that kept me and my friends occupied for hours on end. Something very simple and innocuous... Trump cards!

Now back in the very early 90s, electronic entertainment had not yet caught he fancy of us kids. We preferred to be outdoors getting our hands dirty. Now one of the sedate activities was to play Trump cards. For those who dont know what trump cards are, ill explain. They are basically a stack of cards about one particular class of items. For eg. Cars, WWF wrestlers (favorite!), fighter jets etc etc. The cards were dealt out to a number of players. The objective was to get back all cards to yourself by calling out the highest line item in your card. It was great fun!

Now ofcourse, being oversmart kids, we used to have a lot of variation of our own. The most common for us was something calleda "choosy". Now this involved selecting the 5 best cards from your pack and keeping them away as the ultimate trump weapon.

Feels good reminescing about old times. Especially those when life wasnt as complicated. Simpler times, simpler lives.

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