Sunday, August 06, 2006


To begin, Ka = Why in marathi.

MOCHA IS OPENING UP IN PUNE!! I had been hearing this from NUMEROUS excited people for quite a few months now. Now never having sampled the Mumbai Mocha(to which people go from Pune just for a coffee!!). I was reserving my excitement uptill i went in myself and tasted the goods. However, the amount of time those jokers took to open up the joint would have made a sloth proud. From the initial date of 25th June, it finally opened on the 1st of August amidst a lot of fanfare and a fair share of glitterati.

4th of August marks the birthday of one of my very cute friends, Ms. PS. I had been invited to her party in Sharvaree. After the party she suggested we all troop into Mocha and spend some time there. So we all(8 of us) made our way there. I landed there first and was aghast to find that there was a queue of people waiting to get in. I said, WTF???.This is a coffee place right?? Since when did they start having waiting?? And SECURITY??. Yes there was a security guard manning the closed gate, opening it ever so slightly to let someone in or out! Maaazzzz i say!

On inquiry at the gate, we were greeted by a very prim and propah lady told us that we would have to wait 30 mins for a table. On hearing that, six of us decided to bunk the idea and move to Barista instead. However, two of the group wanted to get in badly and evidently struck a deal with one of the waiters and managed to get us in. Now we all seated indoors(as the outside was full of people smoking hookah...hence no place) and were brought the menu cards. One look at the prices and i had smoke coming out of my pockets. There was a Cappuchino for Rs. 20 and after that things went up exponentially. Next cheapest was Rs. 75 which went way upto Rs. 280 for a cup of some special gold dusted coffee i assume!! The ambience of the place was more like a lounge bar than a coffee place. Smoky lighting, dark decor, funny music and even funnier people. Not something to my aste honestly!.

Now since no one was coming over to take our order(most of us werent planning ot have anything anyway), we got fed up and just got up and walked out! Judging from the desperation of people to get in, we must have been the first people in the history of Mocha, Pune to get a table and voluntarily walk out of there without ordering! We promptly trudged into Barista and sat there for 45 mins without ordering a thing!

I give Mocha BIG thumbs down as of now. As of now, the are exhibiting MAAZZZ!(Again, for non-maharashtrians, Mazz = Concietment). Lets see if i change my mind after a month.My advise:Unless your desperate or incredibly loaded, give Mocha a miss!!