Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Cosine Line....

We started of at one,
When I thought we could be one,
And just when i thought you were mine,
The cosine line started to decline.

The times just got rough,
And the line soon hit the trough,
I was lying down in the dump,
I was taken to be a chump.

Then came the time of the rise,
And strong became our ties,
I was convinced were an angel from above,
I knew I was in love.

Our love blossomed,
My life just seemed awesome,
I had stopped looking at all the rest,
The cosine line had just hit the crest.

All that goes up must come down,
Soon my smile turned to a frown,
As the distance between us increased,
I could feel your love for me start to cease.

You became secretive,
And the talk times lessened,
The decline continued,
As the cosine line lengthened.

Soon the calls stopped,
And so did the sweet nothings,
My significance in your life,
Had ground to a nothing.

For you, meeting me had become a formality,
The last month had brought me back to reality,
I had no idea what your problem was all about,
I turns out for you,
I was nothing but an insignificant lout.

So ended the 18 months of romance,
I had been given my chance,
I think i had done alright,
But obviously i wasn't too bright.

We separated cause you thought i was pushing,
And things we were into rushing,
I initially agreed to that line of thought,
Until 8 months later....

You tied the nuptial knot.

More convinced I couldn't be,
You were completely out of line,
The cosine line,
Had completed its final decline.

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Ads said...

boy! Thats seriously good stuff.. I wish what prompted you to pen it wasn't what did...